• DevFest 2019

    Join Us For Our 5th Annual Event!!

Welcome to DevFest '19!

Join developers, students, mentors, and tech companies for Columbia's only Google developer conference! DevFest Columbia is a community-run, 5-hour conference aimed at bringing technology enthusiasts and experts together.

Take a look at our speakers below!

Our Speaker Lineup

  • Stella Cobbs

    Immedion, Technical Support Analyst (NOC)
    Stella has been involved in the technology arena since the 1990’s even though she started out with a business degree. She sees herself not as an expert but as an avid learner.

    Session Description (Lightning Round)

    Soft skills integrating tech and business.
  • Jay Patel

    Ph.D. Student - Auburn University
    I'm Jay Patel, current Ph.D. student at Auburn University, AL and organizer of GDG Cloud Auburn chapter. I started my Ph.D. program in Spring'18, it's been almost ~2 years working in Artificial Intelligence on different projects like self-driving-car, Interpretation of Neural Networks etc and I decided to start my Ph.D. in the specific area of Artificial Intelligence called "Evolutionary Algorithms". I came to the United States in Fall'15 and completed my Master Degree in Computer Science in California, Undergraduate Degree back in India. I used to work as an iOS Software Engineer and on a freelance project for 3+ years from 2014-2017 in both programming language Swift, Objective-C. Before I started my Ph.D. program I worked as iOS Software Engineer Intern in IMVU, Redwood City, CA, used to migrate Objective-C code to Swift4. Being called a "TestGuru" in our iOS Mobile Team, I left my most favored problem-solving job to pursue a Ph.D. program and start my research journey in AI. Hereafter joining the Ph.D. program, I felt an air in Auburn University and thought to start GDG chapter for our large local student community earlier this year(2019). I've worked with many different development stacks (1) Mobile app development, (2) Website Design & Development with Angular, (3) Backend-REST API development with different python frameworks Django, Flask, Tornado, (4) Working with DB like Mongo DB, SQL, No-SQL, and more, (5) Using GCP, Firebase, AWS, Heroku for different services like Hosting-deployment, Storage, cloud functions and much more, (6) Automation Mobile and Website testing with different frameworks, (7) Integration of many APIs from Google like Maps, Cloud Vision, Payments and more (8) I'm familiar with 10+ programming languages and proficient in 4 of them. In this summer, I've started working on developing algorithms with Swift+Tensorflow for ML community and soon will start with my Vlogs.

    Session #1: Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithm with Swift/Python (Introductory and overview)

    Everybody now-a-days are familiar with name Neural Networks and classical AI algorithms. In this talk, I will introduce a new topic in AI called - Evolutionary Algorithms. I will walk through biological inspiration, history and 5 main pillars of Evolutionary algorithms each in-depth with a small demo(code) of one full algorithm written in Swift/Python programming language. I will introduce some research topics currently we work on Evolutionary algorithms. Also, a really introductory small mention of How Evolutionary Algorithms can be helpful to tune Computer Vision applications. This talk will be end-to-end from No previous knowledge to learn about a new area of AI.
  • Drew Heavner

    Android Developer, 52Inc
    Session: Building a Firebase Messaging Client

    Learn how to leverage firebase to build an enhanced messaging client using:
    - Cloud Firestore
    - Firebase Authentication
    - ML Kit Smart Reply
    - Android's enhanced messaging notifications
    - Android 10's Bubbles

    * https://firebase.google.com/docs
    * https://developer.android.com/preview/features/bubbles
    * https://developer.android.com/about/versions/pie/android-9.0#notifications

    Lightning Session: I am the Night...mode

    A quick jaunt through Android's new dark mode and how to implement a dynamic theme to respond to it.

    * https://material.io/design/color/dark-theme.html
    * https://material.io/develop/android/theming/dark/
    * https://material.io/develop/android/theming/color/
    * https://developer.android.com/preview/features/darktheme
  • Dean Hallman

    Foresight Data Systems, Dean Hallman, CTO
    Dean Hallman is the founder and CTO of Foresight Data Systems, LLC, which helps clients in all industries, architect and build Big Data, Data Warehousing, Serverless and Microservice applications in the Cloud.

    Session: Design Patterns in Secure Micro-services Architecture

    From Equifax to Capital One, recent data breaches have shown that Financial and Personally Identifiable Information (FPII) is still a highly vulnerable asset. The high monetary, legal and reputational costs of such breaches has driven many companies to institute stringent policies, procedures, and infrastructural safeguards. But such defensive pursuits can pose a significant engineering challenge: how best to implement these safeguards to mitigate risks and ensure compliance, without stifling developers in red-tape. This talk will describe a micro-services architecture that builds in the strategies and best practices for achieving these goals while accelerating developer productivity.
  • Colin Griffin

    Creating at Krumware
    Colin Griffin is Chief Engineer at Krumware. Krumware helps organizations and their teams implement next-generation technologies and solutions

    Session: Web Modules: ES6 Module and Web-Component Development at Scale

    Lost in the world of web frameworks, bundlers, and compilers? We will look at modern, framework-less web development with web modules and custom elements, and practical project structure for supporting developing and publishing multiple packages from a single repository (a world without webpack!). We will cover topics and tools such as Lerna, Pika, ES6, npm, web components, and lit-html. See how companies like Salesforce, GE, Google, and others build and maintain large collections of web packages.
  • Bekah Rice

    Senior UX Designer/Developer & Accessibility Expert at truematter
    Bekah is senior UX designer/developer and accessibility expert at user experience strategy firm truematter. Her dual skillsets in visual design and front-end development help her create simple, usable designs that best serve the needs of real people online. She has worked with Fortune 500 clients on end-to-end UX and development projects. As an academic mentor, Bekah was one of the first instructors to join the Columbia, SC chapter of Girls Who Code, an organization that teaches front-end development to girls ages 12 to 18.

    She frequently speaks, writes, and teaches about web accessibility, UX design and interface, user research, and user experience strategy. She's also been interviewed and quoted in the media about the benefits of built-in accessibility capabilities for development tools, specifically component library Kendo UI.

    Session: Coding Accessibility: Best Practices from the Front Lines (intermediate)

    In many countries, digital accessibility is a legal requirement. In all countries, it's a good practice and nice thing to do for the people using your site or app. Through a combination of assistive technology demonstrations and markup examples in a number of web languages, you will see firsthand what works and what doesn’t. We’ll tackle the biggest accessibility pitfalls, talk about how to make the tough decisions, and go beyond the code to understand the real people who benefit from accessible sites, apps, and software.
  • Dayton Pruet

    Security Analyst Dominion
    Cyber Security: Business Email Compromise
  • Evan Owen

    Server Developer, 52Inc
    More to come